AGM Batteries

Utilizing the Most Excellent AGM Batteries for Outstanding Applications

Are you looking for reliable and efficient Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM) batteries that will surely give you the greatest value for your money while providing superior functionality and lasting performance. These batteries were originally intended for military aircraft when it was established in 1985. At that time, the greatest considerations for the development of this type of battery included the weight, safety, its power and capacity, and its utmost reliability. Hence even up to date, it is widely utilized for a variety of applications. This amazing technology is now being used for a myriad of RV, marine, and aviation functions. If you have a need for it too, we can assure you that our AGM batteries will provide the high level of performance you expect them to deliver, improving safety and boosting service life as well.

AGM Batteries

This modern technology makes use of sealed batteries that are considered non-spill able and do not need any maintenance. They utilize absorbed glass mats between the plates, which is where the name is derived. Indeed these batteries are advantageous in certain environments where other types of batteries cannot be utilized. With a high vibration resistance along with a low rate for self-discharge, these batteries are considered ideal for motor home and caravan uses and more.

The Uses

Such batteries are of great use at present. We offer a wonderful selection of different AGM batteries that would suit the specific need you have in mind. There is a battery type for jet skis and motorbikes as well as one for golf cars, wheelchairs , power tools, alarm panels, and electric-powered vehicles. Furthermore, you can avail also of battery types that are especially created for the use of speedboats, trucks, cruisers, yachts, motor homes, and campers. If you are a supplier of forklifts and other such heavy equipment for construction, we can also supply you with the appropriate batteries for these.

If you are uncertain if your purpose requires an AGM battery or perhaps a lead acid battery or Gel Batteries, you can talk to one of our experts so that he or she can assist you through the process of finding out what you need.

The Advantages

When you buy AGM Batteries, you will enjoy the following advantages that go with this type of battery:


 · They require no maintenance at all.

      · They do not get discharged easily.

      · They are completely sealed and will not have any leakage or spill.

      · They can be charged entirely with the use of a lower voltage.

      · They can be installed on their end or side in order to save space or fit the given area.

      · They can actually be mounted within a vehicle with sufficient space such as a caravan.

      · They can even be drained a lot deeper without causing damage.

      · They are good in withstanding any form of shock or vibration better than other batteries.

Indeed all our batteries are able to deliver the advantages enumerated above and perhaps even more. As they operate on a regular basis, you will find out just how toughly built these batteries are. We can ensure you of the most durable quality and efficient performance when you choose us as your battery supplier.

Furthermore, we have very helpful and accommodating representatives to patiently explain to you all the alternatives we have available and how they can be of good use for your specific need. They will also aid you through the process of finding and purchasing one that suits your requirements best and will give you utmost fulfillment. It is our pleasure to always give the best products and services to all our customers.


1 Year Warranty